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DIY Holiday Box (125 Feet)

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This box contains everything you need to install commercial grade, custom fit holiday lights to your home or office. Give your space a beautiful, professional look with DIY pricing.

This Box includes:

125 LED Bulbs of your color/pattern choice

125 feet of socket wire (Wire the bulbs screw into)

25 feet of blank wire (Wire used where you don't want bulbs)

6 male plugs

6 female plugs

125 all-in-one clips (These clips will make your bulbs lay horizontal when there is a gutter and vertical when there is a shingle. If this is bothersome to you, you can purchase these shingle tabs to use on the shingled areas. This makes it so all of your bulbs lay horizontal and will look the same from the road. There is an add on button located just above this text area, where you can add on 50 shingle tabs to your order)

Wire cutters

Easy to follow instruction sheet with QR code to watch step-by-step install

Customer Reviews

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Perfect Combo--Professional and Affordable.

We wanted the clean and polished look of professional home holiday lighting but we couldn't afford to pay an arm and leg to have it done. Desert Glow as our answer! The kit was easy to assemble and install (and take down after), looked great, and fit in our budget. We definitely recommend this great company!